simply breathtaking

The simple things in life are the most important

We like to keep things as simple as possible. Our hotel may not be the largest in the region, but that's the way we want it. We were born and grew up here in the Tyrol. We know this region inside out. We are proud of its stunning nature. And we are honoured to call it our home.

As the parents of two children, we strive to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all ages at our hotel,. We enjoy good, healthy food from the region and like nothing more than a few cool drinks on the terrace at the end of a warm summer's day. Those are the things that are important to us. That is what we enjoy sharing with our guests.

stronger together

Carina and Christian Angerer

Carina Angerer grew up at the Seehotel Einwaller, run by her parents under a different name, and has spent her whole life in the hotel business. Now things have come full circle and she herself is in charge of this beautiful location in Pertisau.

Christian Angerer comes at things from a different angle. Having worked for many years in a field not related in any way to hotels and hospitality, he switched to the business a few years ago and brings a new perspective. Christian is the creative one in the couple and always looking for new ideas.

Together Carina and Christian have renovated the Seehotel Einwaller with great attention to detail and now look forward to welcoming guests to the shores of Lake Achensee.

our values

& welcoming

We want our guests to feel at home.

For us, character and personality are more important than reputation and status. We place more importance on fun and laughter than suit and shirt. It's about who you are and not where you come from.

Guests staying with us can sit down and chat with friends, other guests and the hotel owners when they have a spare moment, but at the same time we understand the need for peace, privacy and time alone.

As well as fabulous views of Lake Achensee and delicious food, our team is proud to offer a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for all guests staying with us.


& appreciative

At the Seehotel Einwaller we take pride in welcoming every guest appreciatively. That is one of the reasons why we have just 29 rooms - by staying small and compact we can give guests the outstanding level of service we expect for ourselves.

  • We are happy to cater for needs and requests.
  • Every guest is treated with care, attention and respect.
  • Guests should feel free to be themselves at all times.

& quiet

The opening of the Seehotel Einwaller marks the start of a new chapter. It's exciting. It's nerve-wracking. It's fantastic. We will learn a lot.

We have taken a decision to start slowly and take our time. After all, the world we live in moves fast enough as it is. Indeed, that is one of the reasons why many guests come to us: they are in search of peace and quiet, far from the stress of daily life.

The Seehotel Einwaller has been designed as a heaven of tranquility. We are keen to learn and grow with our new project, so we invite guests to tell us what they like about the hotel and where they think there is still room for improvement. We will take this feedback into account as we move forward.


im Seehotel Einwaller 

Hotel guests, restaurant diners, members of staff, suppliers, local farmers, craftsmen - these are some of the people to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. They have helped make our hotel what it is today, and for that we want to say thank you.

We are also eternally grateful to the previous generation, who planted the seed of our hotel way back in 1939 and spent decades nurturing the plant as it grew and became stronger. For us it is a pleasure and an honour to manage a hotel with a rich history and a young vibe like the Seehotel Einwaller.

We are also hugely lucky to have a hotel in such a magnificent location on the shores of Lake Achensee. Over the years we have received the help and support of so many people in the region.

Our best way of saying thank you and demonstrating this gratitude every single day is by giving guests here at the Seehotel Einwaller an unforgettable stay in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps.

a hotel with history

Modern tradition and traditional modernity

Our hotel has a long and rich history. It was first constructed in 1939 and has remained in the family ever since. In 2017 we took over the running of the hotel from the previous generation, and in 2018 we started renovating and modernising what used to be a small hotel with a café. The result is a majestic hotel on the shores of Lake Achensee. Throughout this process we were supported every step of the way by Carina's parents, who had previously run the hotel and have now helped us make our own personal dream come true.

We have managed to maintain the core of the hotel. At the same time we have added modern elements, a new colour scheme and lots of natural materials from the local region. We are delighted with the result - and we think you will be too.

Before we started work, we spent a lot of time reflecting on what kind of hotel we wanted to run. We visited other hotels, spoke to architects, drew inspiration from beautiful places which we knew about. All this meant we were able to pull together a diverse range of ideas and take the best of each to create a hotel we are truly proud of.

At the same time, we had a key principle which we wanted to stay true to: you don't have to be big to be good. We knew right from the start that we wanted to stay small and compact in order to offer our guests the service and standards we have set ourselves from the start. And on top of that we wanted to limit the number of guests at the hotel to ensure a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere - for visitors, of course, but also for us.

We believe that small is beautiful. At the Seehotel Einwaller we place great value on a warm welcome, genuine hospitality and attentive service.

Carina Angerer
a family tradition

The history of the Seehotel Einwaller in Pertisau

Then ...

  • 1939: Hotel built by Johann & Philomena Einwaller
  • 1945: Taken over by Olga & Ludwig Reremoser
  • 1972: A large bakery was built on site
  • 1977: Passed on to Ernst & Ria Reremoser
  • 1980s: Development and expansion (apartments, kitchen, staff quarters, winter garden)

Now ...

  • 2017: Daughter Carina and her husband Christian Angerer take control
  • 2018: Hotel is extensively renovated and expanded to its modern form


all for one, one for all

Team spirit at the Seehotel Einwaller

At the Seehotel Einwaller we are one big team. It is important to us that members of staff feel valued and appreciated in their work. We are convinced that happy staff who are proud to work for the hotel provide the best service for our guests.

When things get busy, we are all happy to help out. The team at the Seehotel Einwaller is young and dynamic but at the same time experienced and knowledgeable. Some of the people at our hotel have been with us for 26 years, while others have joined us only recently. The perfect mix!

Stylish Architecture

Pure and minimalistic - like nature itself

The pure, stylish and elegant lines of the new Seehotel Einwaller dance on the surface of Lake Achensee, reflected in its turquoise waters. When designing the hotel we let ourselves be inspired by nature, where minimalism is found everywhere and form follows function. What better architect is there than Mother Nature herself?

During the daytime the sun is reflected on the large facade of the hotel, while at night the bright moon projects its form onto the dark front of the building

Simply Charming

We want our hotel to blend in with the landscape on the shores of Lake Achensee and at the same time be an architectural highlight in its own right. Our aim when designing the hotel was to achieve a simple charm with a touch of urban flair.

  • Lots of natural wood
  • Straight, pure lines
  • Glistening dark front symbolising Lake Achensee
  • Sun & moon reflected on the facade
  • Large openings in the building to create a blend of indoor and outdoor


We used simple, modern lines inspired by the Italian architect Carlo Scarpa, who said: 'If architecture is good then the observer can feel its positive effect without even noticing it.'

Architect Peter Ramsauer from “Adamer & Ramsauer”
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