old picture of the Seehotel Einwaller

At Seehotel Einwaller, beauty lies in the simplicity

We like it straightforward and as parents of two children we love a friendly atmosphere. “Boutique and unique” is our ideal. Both, in life as in our vocation, or when operation our hotel in Pertisau. As native Tyroleans, we know and appreciate the country and the overwhelming nature in which we are allowed to get up every day.

It is nature who gives us strength and inspires our senses with its peaceful calm. It is precisely these feelings that we would like to convey to you and have therefore designed our new hotel concept accordingly. Whether you are relaxing in your room, enjoying our dishes or soaking up the sun by the lake - you can expect maximum privacy, slowing down and wonderful tranquility.


Two who create something together

Carina Angerer is at home in tourism - in the truest sense of the word. She has refined the experience gained from her time in her parents' hotel over the years in other parts of the industry. The circle is complete: Now, at the Seehotel Einwaller in Pertisau, she is once again devoting herself entirely to the business in which her roots lie.

Christian Angerer once came to the hotel industry while changing his career, and brings a valuable view from the outside as well as a feeling for well thought-out implementation. He is the creative head of the house and is always looking for something special.

Together, the couple dedicates themselves to the recently completed new building and manage the Seehotel Einwaller in Pertisau at the Achensee - already with a lot of experience and just as much passion.

our values


One of our primary goals is that you feel like you are in good hands, here, as a guest at Seehotel Einwaller in Pertisau.

For us, character counts more than reputation and prestige. A good mood at dinner is more important to us than the silk tie - which, of course, can embellish the occasion!

Here you will find conviviality, a pleasant atmosphere and friendly conversations. There is also space for intimacy, retreat and privacy.

What we have in store for you are not just a great view of Lake Achensee and delicious food, but first and foremost a friendly atmosphere to which every single employee contributes.

small, FINE

& appreciative

At Einwaller’s in Pertisau, treating people with respect is an unwritten rule. For this reason, too, the hotel has been deliberately kept on the small side with 29 rooms: to ensure that it can continuously cater to the wishes of every single guest.

  • We pay attention to individual needs
  • Respectful, accommodating encounter
  • With us you can – well, you should! - be yourself

to fully relax

With our new hotel concept under the motto Simply Private, we would like to give you the opportunity to really switch off and forget everything around you.

We have taken the time to create an exclusive oasis of retreat for you, far from the fast pace of everyday life, as well as to meet your wishes for relaxation and privacy even more. The time we live in is already fast enough. That is why many need rest and grounding in a slowed down place.

We would like to give you important feel-good times, quiet moments of happiness, moments of rediscovering yourself. Take the time to fully relax.


at the Seehotel Einwaller 

Hotel guests, restaurant visitors, employees, suppliers, regional farmers, craftsmen: all of them people to whom we are extremely grateful, whom we value extremely and who make up our hotel in Pertisau in Tyrol. 

A huge thanks also goes out to the family who has sown the seeds of our hotel in 1939 and then raised it for decades. It is the best gift to form a house that has an old soul and revive it with young magic.

We are also connected to the place that has given us a location on the Achensee that is second to none. As well as all the people who have always supported and inspired us.

We would like to pass on this deep gratitude to our guests - in form of an unforgettable time with us at the Seehotel Einwaller in Pertisau.


Traditional hotel meets natural modernity

Our house in Pertisau has grown. And us with it. Founded in 1939, it has remained family-owned for decades. In 2017 we took over the family business, and in 2018 we cautiously started to rebuild it. A small hotel with a coffee shop became a handsome lakeside hotel in Pertisau. The parents, to whom we owe all the preliminary work, helped at every turn to contribute to the success of our project of the heart.

We have retained the core of the hotel. Modern elements, rejuvenating colors and natural materials that feel good made it our dream oasis: Now, we would like to pass the joy on to you!

The redesign of our house directly on the Achensee was preceded by a long approach to what would best suit us. We visited hotels, got architectural ideas and were inspired by other beautiful places. We met clever implementations; we were able to take fine ideas with us. But our original motto has always remained irreversible: We will stay small & fine!

We give ourselves and our hotel in Pertisau the time to develop itself. For this reason, we used the time during the corona lockdown to make areas of our hotel even more pleasant for house guests looking for peace and quiet: The new concept is called Simply Private. The deceleration that we want to create for you as our guests is what we live by ourselves. It's that simple.

We want to stay small and fine. In our Seehotel Einwaller, honest friendliness and gracious service are our top priority.

Carina Angerer

How our accommodation in Pertisau came about

Back then ...

  • 1939: Built by Johann & Philomena Einwaller
  • 1945: Taken over by Olga & Ludwig Reremoser
  • 1972: A large bakery sees the light of day 
  • 1977: Passed on to Ernst & Ria Reremoser
  • 1980s: There is a lot of expansion: additional apartments, kitchen extension, staff house, winter garden, and more.

Today ...

  • 2017: Daughter Carina & husband Christian Angerer take the helm
  • 2018: The Seehotel becomes the jewel, rebuilt as you find it today!
  • 2021: The buffet area, entrance and restaurant were rebuilt and the new Simply Private concept ensures even more privacy.



When the waiter helps with the dishes

With us, everyone helps everyone. It is important that also our employees feel that they are valued and in good hands. Our guests notice how good this credo is, not least in the service provided by the staff.

Here, a well-coordinated team pulls on one string. Young and dynamic meets well-versed and experienced: some of our core team members have been with us for 26 years, others are very new. A wonderful addition.


Restrained form as respect for nature

It is elegantly and delicately reflected in the Achensee, which reflects all the colors from turquoise to midnight blue. The Seehotel Einwaller in Pertisau, which stands between the different architectural styles on the waterfront in a clear and restrained design language as a respect for the overwhelming nature surrounding it.

Sun or moon - whoever is there - is reflected on the taupe-colored, gently glittering facade: a symbol for the Achensee.



Our hotel in Pertisau should fit harmoniously into the area around the Achensee, and at the same time set an architectural counterpoint. The focus is on simple elegance with a touch of urbanity.

  • Light wood construction
  • Straight, fine lines
  • The taupe-colored glitter facade symbolizes the Achensee

  • Sun & moon are reflected on it

  • Generous openings in the structure that allow the interior to participate in the natural spectacle of the surroundings

With the modern design language we tried to do justice to the Italian architect Carlo Scarpa, who said: ‘If the architecture is good, the viewer feels its good effects without noticing it.

Architect Peter Ramsauer from “Adamer & Ramsauer”

If you have any questions or a reservation request, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you. Call +43 5243 5366 or direct mail  info@einwaller.at