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XC adventures high above Lake Achensee

The network of cross-country skiing trails between the Rofan and Karwendel Mountains has something for all abilities, from total beginners taking their first steps on snow to experienced XC skiers who wish to push themselves.

It is little wonder that the region has received many awards for its XC skiing infrastructure and is considered among the best places for cross-country skiing in the Tyrol.

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gentle and relaxing

Cross-country skiing is a great sport for all ages

Dating back thousands of years, cross-country skiing is a gentle and relaxing sport which is particularly popular in the alpine and Scandinavian countries of Europe.

The region around Lake Achensee has more than 200km of cross-country skiing trails (including 109.5 kilometres for the more traditional Classic technique) and is famous well beyond the region for its excellent infrastructure.

The Dorfloipe trail in the centre of the village is a good place to start out and offers trails for both the Classic technique and the more modern and dynamic Skating technique.


The start point of the 3.5km Dorfloipe trail is just a few steps from the Seehotel Einwaller.

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Ideal conditions

Cross-country skiing at Lake Achensee

The region around Lake Achensee offers not only excellent trails but also a well-developed infrastructure.

All the trails are clearly signposted for easy orientation, while the online weather and trail status service keeps users up to date with the latest conditions.

Beginners will find a total of six cross-country skiing schools in the area, including three close to the Seehotel Einwaller in Pertisau.

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A few of the best trails in Pertisau

  • Übungsloipe (easy): 1.5km, Classic & Skating
  • Hundeloipe Pertisau (easy): 2km, Classic & Skating
  • Loipe Tristenau (easy): 3km, Skating
  • Loipe Pletzach – Gernalm (intermediate): 10km, Classic & Skating
  • Loipe Falzthurn – Gramai (intermediate): 14km, Classic & Skating
  • Loipe Tristenau (difficult): 6.5km, Classic & Skating
Maurach – Pertisau

The 3.4km Panoramaloipe trail conects Pertisau to Maurach. It is for XC skiers of intermediate and advanced ability and starts just 200m from the hotel. Highlights include a number of climbs and great views of the lake.

trail map

Interactive XC trail map for the Lake Achensee region

Sport Leithner

Kirchstraße 8

6213 Pertisau

+43 5243 5363 63

Sport Wöll

Tristenaustraße 3

6213 Pertisau

+ 43 5243 5871

Sportschule Achensee

Stefan Wöll

Ländbergstraße 10

6213 Pertisau

+43 676 8479 94 100

Free XC skiing with the AchenseeCard

The XC skiing trails in Achenkirch, Maurach, Steinberg and Wiesing can be used free of charge by everyone. Holders of the AchenseeCard can also use the trails in Pertisau for no extra fee. Skiers who do not have the  AchenseeCard must pay €5 per day to use the trails in Pertisau.

try something new!

A holiday at Lake Achensee is a great chance to have a go at cross-country skiing.