Relaxation for mind, body and soul

These days almost all experts are in agreement that a healthy body and a healthy mind together form a symbiosis that is essential for happiness and wellbeing. And yet, in today's busy world we all too rarely take time out to look after ourselves and our bodies. Massages are a great way to find inner peace and have been shown to positively influence mind, body and soul.

Treat yourself to a massage while on holiday at the Seehotel Einwaller.


on offer

Foot Reflexology Massage

All the parts of the human body - including the vital organs, lymphatic system and nervous system - are linked to areas on our feet.

25 min. - € 36,-
50 min. - € 67,-

Classic Body Part Massage

This massge focuses on a specific area of the body, selected according to your personal needs and wishes. Removes tension and relaxed muscles.

25 min. - € 36,-

Full Body Massage

A "full service" for your body, from head to toe. This classic massage releases tension in the muscles and stimulates the circulation of bood. Problematic areas can also be treated individually.

50 min. - € 67,-

Lymph Drainage

Lymph drainage according to the Dr. Vodder technique. Gentle hand pressure activates the movement of lymph in the body, removes toxins from the body and stimulates the immune system.

50 min. - € 67,-

Aromatic Oil Massage

Ideal combination of relaxation massage and essential oils. Balm for the soul!

50 min. - € 72,-

Anti Stress Massage

This massage focuses on total relaxation, from the head and shoulders all the way down to the feet. Using essential oils from the mountains of the Tyrol, it will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Let yourself be inspired by the power of nature and treat yourself to a soothing massage in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

50 min. - € 72,-

Leg flatterer

With the properties of honey and with special handles the skin tissue is loosened from old stored waste products & adhesions. Afterwards, a special lotion and a gel, which support the detoxification process, is massaged into the skin with soothing kneading & stroking.

50 min. - € 72,-

Treat yourself to a massage!

Our Panorama Spa offers not only fabulous views of the mountains and lake but also a wide range of luxurious massages.