Massages as a vacation for body and mind

There is now broad consensus that body and mind form a symbiosis. But far too seldom do we take the time to look after our wellbeing in everyday life. A massage begins with the body, but also unfolds its positive effects on a mental level.

Reason enough to give yourself a feel-good program with an invigorating effect, at least when you are on holiday!


at a glance

Foot Reflexology Massage

All the parts of the human body - including the vital organs, lymphatic system and nervous system - are linked to areas on our feet.

25 min. - € 45,-
50 min. - € 79,-

Classic Body Part Massage

This massge focuses on a specific area of the body, selected according to your personal needs and wishes. Removes tension and relaxed muscles.

25 min. - € 45,-

Full Body Massage

A "full service" for your body, from head to toe. This classic massage releases tension in the muscles and stimulates the circulation of bood. Problematic areas can also be treated individually.

50 min. - € 79,-

Lymph Drainage

Lymph drainage according to the Dr. Vodder technique. Gentle hand pressure activates the movement of lymph in the body, removes toxins from the body and stimulates the immune system.

50 min. - € 83,-

Aromatic Oil Massage

The ideal combination between a relaxing massage, done with special botanical extracts that are added to the massage oil. Balm for the body and soul.

50 min. - € 83,-

Anti Stress Massage

This massage is heavenly relaxing and focuses on the head-neck-shoulders-sacrum, and your feet. In body therapy, these areas are the center of pure relaxation. We use ethereal essences from the forests of the Tyrolean mountains, which reduce the tensions that are caused by our stressful everyday life. Treat yourself to this calming sensation and leave your worries behind.

50 min. - € 83,-

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage pleasantly promotes blood circulation, relieves muscular tension and supports lymphatic flow. The heat transferred to the body also ensures physical and mental balance, activates the body's own energy sources and increases general well-being.

80 min. - € 130,-

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

The aim of the massage is to return the organism to its balance using body work and spirituality. The massage consists of long and light strokes, swaying and rocking grips and stretches and is carried out with warm massage oil.

80 min. - € 130,-

Fascia Massage

The massage can be carried out manually or with fascia tools. The aim is to loosen the adhesions and nodules. Cupping treatment is also part of the fascia massage. Cupping is an alternative healing method in traditional Chinese medicine. With the help of cupping glasses, tension can be released and pain can be alleviated.

50 min. - € 87,-
80 min. - € 130,-

Not much longer: let yourself be massaged!

In our Panorama SPA, in addition to the view of the summits of the surrounding mountains, we also offer the peaks of relaxation: various massages for individual needs.