Wellness baths in the sister-hotel

Immerse yourself in the world of fragrances – beneficial, sensual and effective. Enjoy these celestial moments and have a divine bath in the Cleopatra bath tub.

Rose blossom bath

Harmonizing, aphrodisiacal, against sorrows and sadness. An initial sparkling bath in the whirlpool will prepare your skin to better absorb the petal essences.
25 minutes - 35 Euro

Alpine herb bath

Alpine herbs are a classic bath essence and have a cleansing, balancing and calming effect.
25 minutes - 35 Euro

Tiroler Steinölo (shale oil) bath

Our special tip from the Achensee region. Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil) which is extracted and processed locally, works wonders for aching muscles and joints and alleviates back pain and rheumatic complaints.
25 minutes - 35 Euro

Juniper bath

Juniper has a skin-tightening effect and is effective against dry skin.
25 minutes - 35 Euro