Tyrolean rock oil

The particularity of Tyrolean rock oil

The origen from the "healthy natural power"

Tyrolean rock oil is obtained from oil shale which is over 180 million years old. In the Lias Era the fossil sedimentation of the primordial Mediterranean Sea, the so called "Thetis", originated these rock formations. The origin of the Alps in the Bächen Valley (Karwendel, Achensee-Tyrol) pushed these rock layers to 1800m above the sea level.

The particularity of this stone is on the one hand the high oil content which corresponds to 4-6% of the entire volume and, on the other hand, the rests of ancient sea creatures and plants. Thanks to its high concentration of naturally bound sulfur, Tyrolean rock oil has extraordinary beneficial and nourishing effects for all animal and human beings. It can be used for instance as gentle care product for your skin and hair or as well-tried household remedy for the aching locomotor system and for rheumatic pains.

This effect has been confirmed over and over again by renowned physicians, naturopaths, and innumerable satisfied customers.

Extraction of Tyrolean rock oil

In 1902 Martin Albrecht sen., a passionate mineral collector, found by accident in Seeberg, close to the Geisalm alpine pasture at the Lake Achensee, dark brown pieces or a rock which he immediately identified as oil shale. He began the extraction using the simplest tools and started the production of the first Tyrolean rock oil.

Since this location was relatively poor in oil shale, Martin Albrecht searched for more and in 1908 he finally found a big oil shale deposit in the Bächen Valley, a remote tributary valley of the Karwendel Mountains at 1440 m above the sea level.

Today, Albrecht’s descendants of the third generation continue the business of the forefathers with the most modern technologies. The oil shale is extracted using open-pit mining and then charged into shaft furnaces. During the heating process the oil volatilizes and forms a white steam which is aspirated and cooled in condensation towers. Here the steam condenses as rock oil.

At the end of the process raw rock oil is naturally treated in the refinery of Jenbach in the lower Inn Valley. The final products are subject to continuous and strict quality controls in the factory-own laboratory.

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