Wondrous power from nature. Purest and beneficial power from the Alps.

On the basis of old, traditional recipes and newest scientific findings, we manufacture purest natural products with a gentle procedure that limits the risks of material damage. These products are ideal for your body care, beauty and well-being.

Alpine healing powers

Paracelsus knew what he talked about:
“The one who is not keen and open-minded enough to see the many resources our nature offers us is a dreamer and a fool”

The product line “alpienne natural care” was developed from the unique and beneficial products of our mountain world.

The extraordinary quality and healing properties of the alpienne products are guaranteed by a special manufacturing procedure which uses only wild-collected controlled raw materials.

These natural raw materials are accurately harvested by expert hands. They are gently dried in the sun and processed without chemical additives to create unique alpine care products with great natural properties.

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